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On sale now!

On sale now!

Join us from June 24th - 25th at Rhinegeist Brewery for our inaugural show! 

Flyover Conference is a new food & beverage conference focused on small businesses in the underserved 'flyover' markets of North America.

At Flyover Conference, we bring world class education to you.


We fly in leading F&B figures from around the country, and connect them to local market leaders for honest, intentional dialogues.


These are the same speakers you can see on stage in New York or Chicago.

What's the difference?


We’re here for the next generation of independent food and beverage professionals.

No bullshit. No politics. 

On sale now!

On sale now!

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For the Next Leaders of F&B

The food & beverage industry is changing, and it's changing rapidly. What worked before doesn't cut it anymore. 

It's time to figure out what does. 

Join us, and be part of the change. Be part of the future.

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No Bullshit.

There aren't many guarentees in life, but here's one from us: you will never be spoonfed some basic bullshit here. 

We're all about real, honest conversations that push the industry forward. 

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